Modern Wood Jewelry

The Process of Turning Trees Into Jewelry

Turning Boards into Rough Pieces

We design all of our own patterns, which we next attach to the wood blanks. Then, one at a time, we cut out the shape of the hair ornament. Here the inner voids are being removed using a scroll saw.

Turning Trees into Boards

It all begins with a phone call that a tree in the City is needs to be salvaged. We cut the tree into smaller pieces, transport it to the workshop, and let it cure. When it is dry enough to work, we slice it into smaller slabs of wood on the band saw. The image to the left shows the transformation of a cherry log into our working blanks for the hair ornaments.

Turning Rough Pieces into Finished Works

When all the saw work has been completed, we hand carve each piece to soften the tines so they slide smoothly and easily into any type of hair. When the carving has been completed, each piece is hand sanded to a glassy smoothness. Then they are dipped into an organic, natural linseed oil, allowed to dry, and buffed to a soft glossy sheen.

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