Modern Wood Jewelry

The Story of our Materials

Ecological responsibility is just as important to us as high quality products and beautiful designs. All of our jewelry is harvested from trees around our neighborhood. Trees that have fallen due to storms, trees that have become sick and have to be taken down, trees that have provided shade and beauty to the City for years. We salvage these trees, and give them a new life as a beautiful piece of wearable art to be shared with the world.

How we do it. It all starts with a call. We have been making art from local trees for years, and have a bit of a reputation in town. So when someone has a tree that needs to be salvaged, they give us a call. Usually, it is a tree a family has had in their yard for years, and they respect and love it, and want to see that it does not go to waste. So we come with a pick up truck and a chainsaw, and get to work. In the picture you see one of our artisans, Thomas Haapapuro, cutting a tree into smaller pieces to be loaded on the truck to be taken back to our workshop to cure.

Curing can take up to a year for the wood to be ready. When it has dried enough, we slice it down into smaller pieces, keeping a careful eye on the grain to make sure we pick the best way to cut it to showcase the woods natural beauty and charm. Then we attach our in house designed patterns, and hand cut each piece of jewelry using a scroll saw. After cutting, carving, and sanding, the jewelry is dipped in a natural linseed oil finish, and allowed to dry.

Because of the unique way we get our materials, each piece will vary in color and grain. This makes each piece truly unique and beautiful.  So your jewelry may vary slightly from the photograph shown on the website.

Why do we go through all this trouble? It would be easier for us to make our jewelry with prepared lumber bought from a lumber yard.

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